The Warrens

Demographics: Extremely varied (no core race is a real minority here)
Common Languages: Common, Dwarven, Elven

The core of the city, often known as the Warrens, is where the bulk of the middle class of Wyrmspire live. The Warrens make up the core of Wyrmspire, housing countless families, businesses, and people. Because most of it has little direct access to sunlight or wind, the majority of quality of life staples such as light, clean air, and water are provided through a mixture of magic and engineering marvels.

Fresh air is frequently directed from the outside mountains by great fans powered by greater windmills mounted on the outside of the mountain, collecting energy from the mountain winds. Water is actually produced through a joint effort between the engineers of the Technocracy and the governing powers, using magical items that produce create water spells, which are then directed throughout the mountain with a sophisticated system of pipes and pumps that are powered by great machines harnessing the winds along the mountains.

Light is provided primarily by continual flame spells that run through the city streets, shops, and in many cases houses. Parks and gardens filled with artificial sunlight dot the warrens, and the cultivation of strange glowing plants and fungi (many of which are edible) for both aesthetic purposes and light are commonplace. Because of the importance of continual flame spells, those recklessly casting dispel magic on, stealing, or destroying the objects the spell is cast on, can face stiff fines and resentment from the locals as these are an integral part of being able to survive comfortably. The usual penalty is having to replace the damaged or stolen property as well as pay to have a new, additional, continual flame provided to the person or community (including material component and service costs).

Many visitors to the city compare those living in the warrens to be much like busy bees running about in a hive.

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