The Technocracy

The techocracy is a massive guild of engineers, scientists, and dream filled technicians, which formed from the countless laborers and working men and women that built many of the wonders that makes Wyrmspire a wondrous place to live for countless peoples. In recent decades, the guild has grown so large as to become a minor political power in the city, and some whisper that their sites are set on more than the nuts and bolts they work with each day.

History and Philosophy
The Technocracy was originally formed by a man named Charles Sturfer as the "League of Technological Idealists", when he recruited and united a large number of inventors, technicians, smiths, and laborers with the intention of accomplishing technological heights like which the world had never seen. They went on to build and maintain the vast networks of pipes, ducts, and machines that keep Wyrmspire running day in and day out. The Union was later renamed "The Technocracy" in honor of Charles' belief and dream of a unified governmental machine, where each member of the governing body was placed in position based on accomplishment and technical expertise rather than by birth, vote, or providence. Many still casually refer to it as simply "the league".

Charles died before his dream could come to fruition, but it has largely been furthered by his friends and family, and is a sentiment often echoed by the common laborers who often find work with the Technocracy, and those who have grown uncomfortable with their lives being dictate by aloof mages unconcerned with the affairs of daily life, or the mandates of a cult government and its insistence upon archaic tradition and adherence to religious ideologies.

The Technocracy is pretty indifferent when it comes to the backgrounds of its members, preferring to focus on where you fit in the grand machine. The Technocracy doesn't care about your race, sex, religion, or favorite color. It cares about what you can do. If you can lift a wrench, tighten a bolt. If you can use a hammer, drive a spike. If you have an idea, make something of it. Because the Technocracy only sees you as being as good as what you do, it can come off as cold and uncaring, but to many, it is an ideal. The very same mindset that doesn't care about who or what you are is very attractive to those who are typically shunned by the communities that they inhabit, or those who wish to prove themselves despite some sort of preconception of their birth or character.

As a result, many of the members of the Technomancy are gruff, blunt, often fringe-society folks. While imaginative humans and industrious dwarfs are commonplace, you're likely to find a lot of half-breeds and misfits in the league just as readily. Nobody cares about your horns, hooves, beaks, or tentacles if you can get the job done on time.

Achievements and Goals
The Technocracy spearheaded the engineering marvels of Wyrmspire with the backing of private funding and some government support. The machines, pipes, and wind turbines that keep the city running are all the work and doings of the league. The maintenance of these infrastructural machines is also their ongoing responsibility. However, in recent years, the Technocracy has begun expanding its numbers and taking a more active role in the politics of the city, pressing for ever more rights to renovate and renew old areas of the city, and developing strange new forms of technology. Their recent partnership with the Psiocracy has led some to speculative remarks about a possible coup or push for greater power in the city, while others are more concerned with what new engineering marvels that they will unveil to the public next.

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