The Spire

Demographics: Mostly humans and elves
Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic; though planar languages (such as Celestial or Ignan) are frequently learned by academics here

While Wyrmspire was named for the tall volcanic rim of the mountain and the great wyrm that slept below, when citizens of the city refer to the spire it is actually the upper city district that they are speaking of. The spire is a city, atop a city, atop a city. The buildings of the spire rise high, with the tallest towers rising beyond the rim of the volcano itself and looking out over the landscape for miles and miles. It is the home of Wyrmspire's wealthy, elite, and aristocratic.

The spire is the home to politicians, celebrities, and the high councils of the government consisting of the Mageocracy (the College of Wyrmspire) and Theocracy (the Church of Unity) which serve to keep one-another in check. It is a place of comfort, safety, and many would say excess. Most living here are quite wealthy, or serve those who are. They are often far removed from the daily struggles of those of the lower districts of the city, which sometimes causes resentment and distance between them and their neighbors, which have given rise to organizations and political rivals such as the Technocracy and the Psiocracy who threaten to disrupt the status quo of the city and the way it's governed.

Places of Interest
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