The Foundries

Demographics: Mostly dwarfs, humans, gnomes, and sentient constructs
Languages: Common, dwarven, gnome, undercommon

If the Spire was the Head, Airports the Mouth, and Warrens the Soul, the Foundries would be the heart of Wyrmspire. Home of the Technocracy, the Foundries are the mechanical force that drives the systems that keep Wyrmspire a comfortable place for most to live. It is here that massive gears and cogs turn endlessly, and great factories working molten iron and glass reside. It's the heart of Wyrmspire industry, and it's also far beneath the Spire's ever watchful gaze.

With the aid of the Psiocracy, the Technocracy fashioned new machines in the likeness of man. Sentient constructs whose existence is one of tireless toil, capable of functioning as a sort of specialized slave caste. Their creation has largely upset the governing powers of Wyrmspire and alarmed a number of locals, yet their productivity is unquestionable, and because they are technically sentient creatures, their destruction is a touchy subject for the people of the Spire. Surprisingly, despite the fact these mechanized creatures are created and legally owned by the Technocracy, they are allowed to work for their freedom, and even those technically owned by the large guild are often placed into positions of power and authority. The Technocracy has given them ever more freedom as locals in the Foundries have become more accustomed to them, until now a fairly large number of free constructs live alongside other citizens, though their rights are a hotly debated topic.

While the Technocracy controls most of the city support systems, the district is dotted with many independent artisans and smiths, located in the ever-warm district where smoke, ash, and fire aren't as disturbing to the locals who are used to that sort of thing.

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