The Depths

Demographics: Mixed (if you're poor, you'll likely end up in the depths), Kobolds, Goblins, Orcs, and Drow
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Undercommon, Draconic

Below even the foundries are the depths, built deep into the dragon's ancient fortress. Most of the depths were already here when Wyrmspire city was being built. Much of it was built by servants of the great wyrm. Much of it has been refashioned into living spaces, but the conditions are often cramped, dark, and dreary. Being below the foundries and away from the air systems of the upper levels, the Depths are often filled with hot, stale air. While there are a number of residents in the depths who own or live in proper homes, many areas of the depths are filled with shantytowns that look more like some sort of tent-market than residential areas.

The depths is where most of the poorest people in Wyrmspire live and is a place that is often where one goes to be forgotten, whether intentionally or not. Unlike the warrens, much of its expanse is dark, requiring inhabitants and travelers to bring their own lights wherever they go. The combination of looming darkness and being surrounded by people who may wish to rob you means that most residents of Wyrmspire from above the Depths tend to avoid them, for fear of being mugged and left in the dark abyss to find their way out.

Organized Crime
The depths is a favorite residence for the seedier side of Wyrmspire, with a loose knit culture of organized criminals and gangs headed by mob bosses known as "Depth Princes". These criminal families are a varied as they are dangerous. These criminal families command great respect from those who live in the depths, and often not purely out of fear. The depths has very little in the way of economic growth or industry, so the crime networks are largely responsible for what little prosperity there is to be found in the depths and getting on the good side of a crime family can mean moving out of the Depths, or living better than your neighbors (being able to afford luxuries such as fresh food, continual flame lights in your home, running water, etc).

The Depth Princes
Because the criminal element of the depths tends to improve the lives of the locals, it's exceedingly difficult to remove from Wymspire. For many of the locals, your local prince is like your closest family. Because of this, the princes have many eyes and ears, and even more cloaks and daggers. Few are willing to inform outsiders of the affairs of the criminal networks, and fewer still dare snitch about crimes committed or drop names. Those who are found wanting are shunned by their communities at best, or are made examples of at worst.

The depth princes themselves are often enigmatic. Many operate unseen, using body-doubles and proxies for their dealings.

The Dark Roads
Wymspire city was built atop the ancient domain of the red wyrm and its servants and to this day still connects the city to the vast subterranean underworld known as the "Deeplands", where dark elves, kobolds, orcs, and other dark folk roam about. A city beneath a city, where many dungeons deep and caverns old still await. These places are known as the Dark Roads, and rather than filled with poor people and criminals, they are massive stone testaments to ancient craftsmanship, where old carvings and art adorn the walls, recording ancient histories and decorating the dragon's dominion. The lowest depths are where one can go reach the Deeplands, a realm known for both danger and the vast riches that are found there, making it a popular route for would be adventurers who wish to go find valuable treasures such as mithral, adamantine, or perhaps even forgotten caches of the red wyrm yet undiscovered.

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