The Airports

The airports are Wyrmspire's paths to the sky and seat of military power. Nested in the side of the mountain itself, these massive gateways serve traffic moving to and from the city via means of flying, including but not limited to airships, griffons, flying carpets or brooms, or even the exotic and unusual such as those riding atop mighty wyverns.

Wyrmspire's airforce can quickly dispatch from any of the great airports and usually have a few closed off for military purposes only. Their air force consists primarily of large carrier ships with an assortment of griffon riding soldiers that can deploy from the ships when combat is necessary. The higher airports have direct connections to the Spire, meaning that many who have business on the upper district may often choose to simply fly to one of the airports, rather than trudging their way up to the spire itself from the land below.

A number of enterprising people have taken to training aerial mounts, or using minor flying magical items, to perform taxi services between the different heights, and thus districts, of Wyrmspire. Since simply traveling up and down the mountain is typically a relatively quick process, the fees are fairly reasonable (typically charging 1sp per person, per trip). The taxi services are so sought after that it's not uncommon for a given taxi flyer to fly a hundred people each day during their shifts, meaning that those who can provide a safe trip to and fro can make a very impressive living for themselves.

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