History of Wyrmspire

The Wresting of Fire
Wyrmspire was once one of the most feared regions of the world. A massive volcano that seemed to have a malicious soul of its own. It was the seat of power to the red wyrm Thessilus the Burning Tyrant. For over five hundred years, it was a symbol of oppression, desolation, and fear. That was until several brave heroes delved into the depths of his lair, armed with the mightiest of arms and armors, and uttering the most ancient and forbidden spells. It was there, in the heart of the active volcano, that these brave men and women wrested the last breath from the wyrm, and with it, claimed the fiery mount and the dragon's horde with it.

So Came People
The dragon's horde, a massive treasure trove collected over centuries, with hundreds of tons of coins and wondrous artifacts, was too large for anyone to properly remove from the mount on their own. However, word of the dragon's defeat swept far and wide, and soon, small settlements were springing up at the base of the mountain, and the heroes who defeated the Burning Tyrant brought bits of the treasures down, which in turn caused more to come seeking that wealth, and in turn, more wealth was spread. Eventually, the settlements expanded right into the heart of the volcano itself. Magic was used to calm the angry spirit of the volcano, and new life flourished.

The City of Wyrmspire
Today, Wyrmspire has grown into one of the shining gems of the world. A vast megacity that reaches high into the sky, above even the rim of the volcano itself. The city has reached deep into the mountain's depths and into the underworld. All roads lead to it, and ships sail to and fro with each passing day.

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