Wyrm Coins

Wyrm Coins are a player currency that is used to advance characters in experience and equipment at a steady pace. Because of the natural variance between different game masters and different game pacing, Wyrm Coins are a simple way to ensure everyone is being rewarded for the time and effort put into the campaign, and ensure that GMs aren't being too stingy or too generous with experience and wealth.

Wyrm coins are gained by playing in the campaign. Each coin can be exchanged for in-game experience and gold for your player character. Coins come in two types: Wyrm Coins and Encounter Coins. Wyrm coins award small amounts of XP and wealth proportional to the level of the character the coins are spent on rather than the level of the encounters from an adventure. Encounter coins are awarded for adventuring only and award experience and wealth based on the Challenge Rating of the obstacles in the GM's game.

Wyrm Coins
The primary way to acquire wyrm coins is to actually participate in adventures (as a player or a GM), and through participation in campaign events and roleplay sessions verified by moderators. Site administrators can also reward the excellence of community members with coins as a form of payment for their efforts, such as providing moderators and accountants a stipend of wyrm coins for the extra work they are providing for the community.

Wyrm coins can be traded for XP and Gold proportional to the level of the character the coins are spent on. Unlike encounter coins, wyrm coins are awarded to the player themselves, and the player may spend them on any character he or she owns, allowing players to supplement the experience and gold they gain from adventures, or advancing characters that were sitting out of an adventure.

Each wyrm coin is worth an amount of XP and gold equal to an encounter coin of the character's level -3 (so a coin is worth a CR 1/4 coin to a 1st level PC, and a CR 7 coin for a 10th level PC). See encounter coins below.

Players receive wyrm coins for the following.

  • Participation (1 WC / Hour): Each player receives 1 wyrm coin each hour they participate in a game or roleplaying scenario with a GM or moderator present. An active playerbase is appreciated.
  • Roleplaying (1 WC): If a player roleplays particularly well (subject to GM/Moderator discretion), the GM or moderator can award that player and each player participating in the session a wyrm coin. While this cannot occur more than once per player, it can occur once for every player in a group, so to ensure the group gets as many coins as possible it's recommended to interact with each other frequently (since if everyone in a group of 4 players is interacting and roleplaying with each other, it could lead to 4 wyrm coins per player). Rewarding roleplaying is discussed a bit more on the GMs and moderator's page.
  • Objectives (1 WC): Completing quests and objectives can earn each player participating 1 wyrm coin per objective. More complicated quests may be split up into multiple objectives. For example, finding a missing child might count as 1 objective, while returning the child safely might count as a second objective.

GMs and Moderators receive wyrm coins for the following.

  • Managing Games (2 WC / Hour): Each hour a GM or moderator spends running mini scenarios and roleplaying the world for the players awards 2 wyrm coins. Because of the extra work involved with managing the NPCs and events of the world, such members receive an increased reward for investing their time in the community.
  • Running Games (4 WC / Hour): Running a full adventure in accordance with the community's GM guidelines is as much an honor and a privilege as it is appreciated by the community. Because running games is a very demanding task, Game Masters receive 4 wyrm coins per hour of a game session.

Encounter Coins: Encounter coins are award by Game Masters for the usual game obstacles such as fighting monsters, surviving traps, and completing quests. This makes awarding encounter coins rather strait forward. If you participate in a CR 3 encounter, you receive a CR 3 coin. Encounter coins can only be spent on characters that participated in the encounter (you cannot for example play in an 8th level game and spend your CR 8 coins on a 1st level alt). Because of this, such coins are typically tracked on the character's individual wiki page.

The value of encounter coins are as follows.

CR XP Gold
CR 1/10 10 XP 7 gp
CR 1/8 15 XP 8 gp
CR 1/6 20 XP 11 gp
CR 1/4 25 XP 16 gp
CR 1/3 35 XP 22 gp
CR 1/2 50 XP 33 gp
CR 1 100 XP 65 gp
CR 2 150 XP 138 gp
CR 3 200 XP 200 gp
CR 4 300 XP 288 gp
CR 5 400 XP 388 gp
CR 6 600 XP 500 gp
CR 7 800 XP 650 gp
CR 8 1,200 XP 838 gp
CR 9 1,600 XP 1,063 gp
CR 10 2,400 XP 1,363 gp
CR 11 3,200 XP 1,750 gp
CR 12 4,800 XP 2,250 gp
CR 13 6,400 XP 2,900 gp
CR 14 9,600 XP 3,750 gp
CR 15 12,800 XP 4,875 gp
CR 16 19,200 XP 6,250 gp
CR 17 25,600 XP 8,000 gp
CR 18 38,400 XP 10,250 gp
CR 19 51,200 XP 13,250 gp
CR 20 76,800 XP 16,750 gp
CR 21 102,400 XP 19,875 gp
CR 22 153,600 XP 25,125 gp
CR 23 204,800 XP 29,813 gp
CR 24 307,200 XP 37,688 gp
CR 25 409,600 XP 44,720 gp
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