Races Of Sylvantha

Lamia have lived in the wilds of the darklands for many generations and have taken on different features than the typical lamia found outside the darklands. Lamia from the darklands tend to resemble cottonmouth vipers with pale undersides and dark scales on their backsides. Most lurk about the wilderness and are often seen as demons or fey folk by the locals, but their skills with herbalism and alchemy means that some trade with nearby villages. Many of them are sympathetic to, or members of, the Moonlit Covenant.

  • Bog Witch (Ex) Darklands lamia have a +2 racial bonus on Craft (Alchemy) and Spellcraft checks, and are treated as having a caster level equal to their total HD for the purposes of qualifying for item creation feats. This replaces their Skilled racial trait.
  • Fanged (Ex) Occasionally, a lamia is born with sharp, snake‑like fangs, granting a bite attack. This is a primary natural attack that deals 1d4 piercing damage. Wounds caused by these fangs continue to bleed, inflicting 1 point of extra damage each round at the start of the affected creature’s turn. This bleeding can be stopped by a successful DC 15 Heal skill check or through the application of any magical healing. This racial trait replaces the weapon familiarity racial trait.
  • Venomous (Ex) Darklands Lamia bites are venomous. Lamias are immune to their own poisons and typically coat their weapons with their poison. Their poison's save DC is equal 10 + 1/2 their level + their Constitution modifier. This replaces their Spell-Like Abilities racial trait.
    • Lamia Poison (Ex) Bite—injury; save Fort DC varies; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d2 Con; cure 1 save

Vampires have been among humanity in the darklands ever since the kingdom was founded, and as such, dhampir always seem to turn up from time to time. While never particularly welcome and always feared, their reputations have steadily decreased over the years, especially as the country has become more suspicious and more insular between its communities. Dhampir are typically driven from communities when their nature is discovered, causing most to be very secretive about their heritage. Many of them become members of the Moonlit Covenant and aid their vampire kin, though some are resentful for this life and instead reject their heritage, sometimes destructively.

  • Alternate Dhampir Traits: Dhampir born of different vampire houses or lineages often have different benefits. See the descriptions of the individual vampire houses for details.
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