Local Powers

Landlords: After the death of the royal family around a hundred years ago, the noble caste of land owners fell into a number of bitter land rivalries and attempts at taking the empty throne. In the end, their collective attempts failed and they returned to their lands to lick their wounds or forgetting ambitions for the crown. Now a number of the former nobles exist as powerful landlords that rule over villages and communities, providing order and protection from rivals and monsters that roam the wilds.

While most landlords are content to promoting the well being of their people, some still have their hearts and ambitions set on even greater heights of rule in Sylvantha, and even still today small border skirmishes and plots to claim the royal crown occasionally occur, but rarely amount to anything worthy of great fanfare.

Divine Order: Formed by one of the royal family's most decorated military generals – Falgas Iron-Brand – the Order of Sylvantha Knights was to be the righteous arm of the royal family, and from its conception existed as a martial cult dedicated to maintaining order and resisting the corrupting influences of the Darklands, under the banner of the Archangel Raguel, who serves as the order's patron deity.

After the death of the royal family, Falgas placed great emphasis on the divinity of his knights, changing the name of their fraternity to “The Divine Order”, and began recruiting people from all walks of life into the order, frequently adopting orphans, and expanding their presence in the broken kingdom by building churches and establishing “safe zones” where people flocked to escape the fear and chaos that was gripping their country during these times. The order gained exceptional amounts of support and volunteers when when their sights and blades were turned towards those the populace often feared the most: witches, vampires, and lycanthropes.

The divine order recruited many members from the noble houses and as a result has connections across many of the counties of Sylvantha through its landlords. As the noble houses were beginning to wane in their civil wars for the crown, the order sought to unify the country under their own banner, to turn the country into a theocracy that would maintain its course through divine purity.

However, the divine order was unable to claim right over the country, as it faced a series of devastating defeats at the hands of the newly formed Moonlit Covenant which hindered both the order's population and morale, causing them to slow their campaign and turn to a more passive role in Sylvanthan society, at least for the time being. They still serve as one of the most prominent churches in the country and aid freelance hunters who exist to slay lycanthropes and vampires whenever possible.

Moonlit Covenant: Before the fall of the royal family and the Divine Order inquisition, those that now make up the moonlit covenant were unaffiliated subcultures in Sylvantha, primarily consisting of black magicians, fringe cults, lycanthropes, and vampires. Out of these cultures, the only ones who held any real power were the vampire houses who were fairly relaxed and loosely knit at best.

However, when the Divine Order began their inquisition, they began arresting and/or exterminating members of these respective groups in large quantities. In response, the vampire houses formed together and contacted the other groups and proposed an alliance based on their mutual interests in survival, and from this, the Moonlit Covenant was formed. A secret society that shares information and works together towards the undoing of the Divine Order and those that support it or are supported by it.

The moonlit covenant now operates secret bases and spies in most of the towns in the darklands, doing all they can to track the movements, intentions, and methods of the Divine Order, and opposing them at every opportunity. In tradition of the vampire houses, they have a large number of humanoids that are either sympathizers, devotees, or retainers who act as spies and confidants as well.

The moonlit covenant typically acts under the banner of the fallen Archangel Sariel, the primary deity of the vampire houses of Sylvantha.

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