Starkly contrasting the troubled history of the country, the land itself is exceedingly rich and lush, making for excellent agricultural use. Farms, vineyards, and orchards are commonplace all across Sylvantha, and wild game is plentiful in the forested areas where trees such as oak, ash, apple, and dogwood being common.

The plants of the land retain large amounts of moisture from the air, causing dense fogs in morning and evening to be commonplace, as well as creating intense humidity on summer days. Small creeks crisscross the landscape frequently, though most citizens get their water from wells or magic trinkets. It rains frequently, usually at least twice a month throughout most of the year in Sylvania, and for all its worries, the land has never in known history suffered from a great drought, though flooding in some areas can be a concern.

Sylvantha has few cobbled or paved roads outside of its villages, with most of the roads being wide cut dirt paths, averaging about 25 ft. wide from one edge to the other, most of which are made using a team of oxen pulling specialized plows, and if the roads begin to overgrow, the roads are simply re-plowed to restore them to their mostly overturned dirt state. Major roads are sometimes dug a foot or two down into the ground, lined and/or paved with bricks, and packed on both sides to prevent common erosion.

Because of the rise and fall of many noble estates and villages over the centuries of conflict and turmoil, Sylvantha's landscape is riddled with abandoned buildings, including old keeps and castles that sit unused atop hillsides or nestled into forests and natural barriers. Many of these old structures are avoided by locals who fear the wrath of vengeful spirits and other dangers that may lurk within, just waiting to devour or curse the curious fool who dare enter places best left to memories. Despite local warnings and superstitions, these locations still seem to draw the attention of historians, travelers, adventurers, and the soon to be missing.

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