Sylvanthians are an enduring people if nothing else, having adapted to a land that seems to be in a constant state of cursed unrest. The people of Sylvantha are often described as proud, tough, and superstitious. These traits have mostly magnified since the kingdom's government broke apart, as the reliance on your own community for success has grown significantly without a traditional government.

Because of the country's prevalence of strange, often dangerous, magical creatures such as lycanthropes, vampires, and fey folk, many Sylvanthians are wary of strangers from outside of their communities, even when dealing with other Sylvanthians. Those who are expected to do the most traveling about between the various towns and villages are traders, members of the Divine Order, or werewolf and vampire hunters who are a common sight in the region.

Perhaps due to their seemingly grim history, Sylvanthans are quick to celebrate good tidings in lavish style. Festivals, celebrations, and parties are commonplace in the countless small villages and towns scattered across the country. In some cases, celebrations are held simply for the sake of celebrating, with some towns having parties or gatherings monthly or bi-weekly, where the population takes its chance to enjoy the bounties of the often too short life.

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