Prime Continent

  • Wyrmspire: A giant mega city inside a dead volcano, with a giant mega dungeon beneath it.
  • Sylvantha the Darklands: A fallen kingdom governed by noble houses, where vampires stalk the night.
  • Omas Kingdom: The "Kingdom of God", a prosperous nation ruled by King and Church where black magic is forbidden.
  • Gosha: A massive empire with a penchant for militarism and slavery, rivaling their old enemy the Omas Kingdom in power.
  • Eterna Colonies: Colonial settlements on the prime content, ruled by the dead in the service of lich pharaohs in the distand land of Eterna.
  • Ferry Lands: An unofficial nation of towns states running along the course of the great Dale River.
  • Falingrand: A vast wilderness land in the cool northern reaches of the continent, ruled by barbarian tribes that have resisted conquer by outsiders for generations.
  • Gray Wastes: An empire of the dead ruled by an immortal king. Once a source of endless conflict for the living, these lands have grown eerily silent after the demon wars but nothing is ever truly dead in the wastes.
  • The Thrones: Once the empire of the great dwarf king who ruled over all the dwarf lands, the empire was shattered with the death of the king during the demon wars. The king's heirs put aside the tradition of choosing the next in line to continue the war. After, none felt it right to ascend to the throne, and broke into sister states sharing a common goal but governed by seven great dwarf clans who trace their lines back to the high king of old.
  • The Green Sea: A giant forest that spans for hundreds of miles without end at the center of the continent. Named for its appearance from the skies, likened to an ocean of leaves. These forests have lasted through many cataclysms and its said no soul has ever explored its entirety.
  • Glass Forest: Along the edge of the deserts west of Gosha is the glass forest. Great crystalline spires and growths that rise up from the sands, taking on shapes and appearances almost like plants. Strange creatures dwell here, and they say that the very stones may speak to those who listen.
  • Perai Desert: The Perai desert spans across the southern side of the prime continent, connecting east and west. Largely considered an uninhabitable place, it is none the less home to some small communities, and is the homeland of the nomadic astrologers the sand elves. Many wondrous things are said to be hidden in the mirage-filled sands of this hot and arid place.
  • Bastion: A metallic city that landed in the Perai desert, from the planet Yen, not long after the demon wars. Its inhabitants are strange psychics from a broken world, coming to lick their wounds and prepare to defend this world from those who took their own. Thought strange and perhaps even distrusted by the natives of Alvena, the inhabitants of this world are their last hope to stop the void tapestry's conquest of this plane of existence.


  • Scarred Islands: A great archipelago that seems to scatter between the prime continent and distant lands, with many tribes and civilizations dotted across them. Trade routes, pirates, cannibals, and ancient dragon cults are but a few of the exciting sites one might find on the islands. It's also the birthplace of surfing and the worship of the oceanic goddesses Keiga and Ursula.
  • Okurimono: An crescent island to the east of the prime continent, where shogun lords lead clans of samurai against one-another, where mystic spirits slip between worlds.

The Distant Lands

  • Tabaria: Far to the east on the continent of Gelun, Tabaria, more commonly known as the beast kingdoms is ruled by tribes of humanoid animals, such as gnolls, gator-folk, lion men, and more. Their great kingdoms raise stone temples seemingly to the sky, and rule over vast numbers of human slaves.
  • Eterna: Eterna is a great walled city that spans many miles, created by a lich queen from a time before the demon wars. This city located in the most inhospitable place she could find serves as her proving ground for a perfect society that uses magic to free mortals from their mortal woes and direct their restless energies into more productive concerns.
  • Ziggura: Ziggura is the greatest human nation of the distant lands, and was barely impacted by the demon wars for being out of the way and of little concern compared to the more advanced forces of the prime continent. Now in a curious turn of events, its relative lack of destruction during that age means that it is now the technological giant of the world (less for moving forward and more for failing to step back). A nation that combines magic, steam, and combustion to create wondrous clockwork gadgets like horseless carriages and locomotives.

Beyond the Clouds

  • Constellation: The last remaining sky city of the high elves, Constellation still orbits the planet, and is the one place in the world where the ancient magitechnology was never lost. It has become particularly isolationist after the demon wars, largely ignoring the circumstances of their land-bound kin.
  • Planet Yen: The star-kin's homeworld that was overrun by terrible alien powers from beyond the darkness of space. Now all but devoid of its original inhabitants, it is a staging point where celestial horrors such as aboleths, neothelids, and their warped creations plot their next conquest.


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