Deities and Magic

Deities in the campaign are rarely centered around one or two aspects (such as Artifice or Healing), an are far more broad in their function and roles they play in people's lives. As such, most of the deities have a wide variety of domains to draw from (clerics and the like still choose only 2 domains out of the collection), and are truly more suggestions than anything rather than a hard rule (see divine casters below). Often times deities and faiths have different branches or sub-groups that emphasize some aspect of the deities domains more strongly.

Divine Casters: In this campaign, divine magic comes from the soul of the individual, strengthened by their faith and beliefs. Divine casters are not required to take domains of their deities, nor are they even required to be within one step of their deity's alignment. As such, it is possible to have a powerful priest who becomes corrupted by the temptations of fiends, heretical sub-sects of orthodox faiths, and good-natured apologists for deities or faiths associated with malice. Deities and faiths still have a typical alignment and deviating too far from this alignment can lead to becoming a pariah in the eyes of other faithful and in extreme cases may even attract the ire of other faithful who intend to stop the heretic from corrupting their faith (either literally or in the eyes of the people).

Creator Gods

Little information remains about the creator gods, and that which does often alludes to them in metaphor or riddles. Much of the world has forgotten that they even existed. Though most of humanity has forgotten them, they have never forgotten humanity. Having created mortals with the same divine spark that they themselves possessed, their ultimate goal has always been the apotheosis of their mortal creations, and to this end they have worked in secret over many lifetimes to slowly guide their creations towards ascension to godhood through means that are often complex and mysterious to mortals who are usually unaware of the true realities behind what they perceive.

Knowledge (Religion): Most mortals have completely forgotten about the creator gods, and many scholars believe them to have been a myth. As a result, Knowledge DCs concerning answering questions about the creator gods are increased by +10. As most commoners have a +0, and most educated scholars have a +5, the knowledge of the creator gods is all but lost to the common man and only the smallest of details is known to most scholars (who are forced to research them for some time before they can answer basic questions). Few people would recognize their obscure symbols which have become little more than primeval pictures and concepts in the minds of the modern man.

Notice: The creator gods do not have any temples or active religions. Their allies and servants do not proselytize. They actively discourage the worship of themselves. Existing outside of time and space, the creator gods can and likely do ensure that anything but the faintest hints of their existence are lost, even if mortals try to expose them. What clues they leave exist only to serve their purposes, enigmatic as they can sometimes appear.


Titles Mother of Magic, The Twilight Queen, Moon Maiden, The Ferryman, The Countess of Time, Mother of Dragons, The Magician, Final Embrace
Pronunciation Ah-kai-ah
Perceived Alignment Neutral Good
Domains Darkness (Moon, Night), Death (Undead), Good (Friendship, Redemption), Healing (Medicine, Restoration, Resurrection), Knowledge (Education, Memory), Luck (Fate, Imagination), Magic (Alchemy, Arcane, Divine, Rites), Repose (Ancestors, Souls), and Void (Stars)
Symbol A pentagram with seven moons rising in the center.

The undead goddess Akai'a formed the black void of the night, dotted it with the constellations and seven moons of Alvena, and arranged them into a great clockwork device to track the passage of time and fates. The mother of astrology, astronomy, and magic. Akai'a is the goddess that taught humanity the arts of magic and continues to do so secretly whenever magic knowledge would be lost to circumstance or the machinations of mortals.

Akai'a is the most active of the creator gods in the affairs of mortals, often appearing to them through dream spells to speak with them, or interacting with them through proxies such as simulacrum or disguised servants. She has been known to instruct people in magic when no others were around to teach them, or to lead would be students to mentors or to secret knowledge. She meets every soul that dies and enters the plane of dreams, where she frequently discusses the person's life with them, what they felt their mistakes and right choices were, and either prepares them to return to their former life if such will happen or prepares them for their rebirth in their next. As everyone who has died and been resurrected has encountered Akai'a, those who have returned to life are often changed by their experiences, generally for the better unless the soul is particularly inept at listening in their time out of the world.

Prime Continent Gods


Omas was a man of no significant account before the demon wars broke out on the world. All records indicate is that he was originally from the fallen human kingdom of Galahad. He went on to wage a desperate war against the invading demons and devils from the depths of the pit, gathering the broken armies and refugees of fallen communities and bringing them together under his banner together as brothers, irreverent of clan, race, or origin. When all hope seemed lost, he made contact with the celestial realms for the first time in history, and led a final charge against the demon lord Relkanos who occupied his fallen homeland. With his final breath, he sacrificed himself to defeat the demon lord and strike the blow that would end the demon wars. In the crater that remained, only Omas' sword remained, driven into the ground upright as if a testament to his sacrifice and to this day serves as a symbol of his followers. It is believed that with his death, Omas achieved apotheosis and became an immortal god that watches over the world.


Where Galahad lie ruined, the new kingdom of Omas was formed by his followers and still exists to this day as one of the greatest (if often troubled) nations in the world, where the belief in and worship of Omas is ubiquitous. As a curious conclusion, Omas is both the name of a god and a country. Similarly, an "Omasian" is a term used both for a member of the faith but also for a citizen of the country.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Domains: Community, Glory, Good, Healing, Law, Liberation, Luck, Nobility, Protection, Strength, and War.

Church of Omas
The Omasian faith is primarily upheld and propagated by the official church that has existed since shortly after the formation of the kingdom. Originally instituted as the official religion of the country by the ruling powers, the church broke off from the government due to concerns that there could be a corrupting influence within the state and that it would be the responsibility of the church to oversee the state if things were to turn for the worst during a time when court loyalties were uncertain. The church was not diminished by this separation but has actually grown into an incredibly powerful entity in its own right, so much so that some in the political sphere have observed them with increasing distrust and scrutiny, wondering if it is wise for such a powerful organization to exist beside the state.

The Church of Omas operates a standing military force, taking in the broken and battered of the world, orphans, and escaped slaves and gives them a home and training to protect their kingdom and even the world itself. They are always vigilant, taking care to ensure that the world is not caught unawares should the forces of Hell attempt to re-ignite their war. As long as they exist, the world will be much more prepared for a second demon war, and it is from their cup that the light of most Paladins flows. Wherever they go they seek to defend the innocent, heal the sick, and liberate the enslaved.

Despite its origin as a national faith, the Church of Omas is perhaps the most prolific of religions in the world, even to the point that it has spread far beyond the borders of its origin kingdom. Its faith and tenants are one of love, compassion, freedom, personal sovereignty and responsibility, and teaches its faithful that citizens must be vigilant in the war against the evil forces that plague humanity (most notably diabolism, demonology, and necromancy). It is hard to honestly say that the church and its followers have not or do not make the world a better place to live in as their followers are generally not only generous and kind but actively attempt to reduce the amount of hardship in the world through a legion of temple knights and funding heroes and adventurers in quests to defeat monsters and evil creatures where they may roam.

Cult of Omas
The Omasian faith was splintered early in its founding over the controversy surrounding two of Omas's closest companions: his wife and his fury advisor. Few even among the faithful of Omas are aware that the wife of Omas was the daughter of the Undead King of the Ashen Wastes. The forces of the living and the dead had been enemies for centuries before the fall of mankind against the legions of hell, and yet the royalty of the wastes came to the aid of man in their darkest hour. The undead lord allowing his only and most precious daughter to join Omas in defending the lives of mortal man. So close did the princess come to the knight that they were wed atop mount Senai, where Omas was said to have discovered the host of heaven.


The legions of Hell are as much their own enemies as anyone else's and during his crusade against the Hellspawn, he discovered an erinyes crucified on an unholy sword pinned in a great stone. She had been left there to die by a rival band of fiends after an ambush for territory. In a show of mercy, Omas pulled the blade free of the stone even as the unholy magics contained therein burned at his flesh, freeing her. This act of mercy purified the blade and broke its unholy spell. The now freed fury swore herself to her savoir, as by hell's custom she was now his slave. He immediately freed her of this bond as well, much to her confusion, but having no where to go she remained with him of her own will for some time. Her experiences with him and his people changed her forever, and she eventually became one of his greatest advisors, explaining to him the tactics and customs of hell to aid him in their war. She was the first of what would eventually become other beings of hell that would fight on the side of man for the fate of the world.

However, with the centuries of bad blood between the Ashen Empire and the razing of the world by the forces of Hell, with Omas's death these two incredibly influential figures faded into obscurity and were written out of history. Only the cult of Omas carries on their memory and knowledge of their contributions to bringing peace to the world once more. Both are seen as great disciples and saints, teachers and leaders, and symbols of the seed of good flourishing in the most barren of soils. However, because of the influence of the early kingdom state on the Church of Omas, the splintered faith became viewed as heretics and madmen at best, or scheming worshipers of fiends at worst. Even after the suppression via the state ended with the splitting of the state and the church, the faithful of the Church of Omas still regard these cultists as dangerous heretics, unaware or unbelieving of the secret history they carry.

Variant Domains: The cult of Omas frequently operates in secret, carrying on the traditions not only of Omas but of his wife Orev and the risen devil Si'sei'el (formerly known as Si'shedima), and count a number of not only good-aligned necromancers but also those who have benevolent pacts with devils and demons who act as aids or guardians rather than corruptors or conquerors. As a result, many of their faithful may be found with the Death and Evil domains, and their planar ally spells draw upon allied fiends of saint Si'sei'el or the goddess Ishtok who both host an assortment of well-intentioned devils and demons.

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