• Wyrmspire: A giant mega city inside a dead volcano, with a giant mega dungeon beneath it.
  • Sylvantha the Darklands: A fallen kingdom governed by noble houses, where vampires stalk the night.
  • Omas Kingdom: The "Kingdom of God", a prosperous nation ruled by King and Church where black magic is forbidden.
  • Gosha: A massive empire with a penchant for militarism and slavery, rivaling their old enemy the Omas Kingdom in power.
  • Eterna Colonies: Colonial settlements on the prime content, ruled by the dead in the service of lich pharaohs in a distant land.
  • Ferry-Lands: An unofficial nation of towns states running along the course of the great Dale River.
  • Falingrand: A vast wilderness land in the cool northern reaches of the continent, ruled by barbarian tribes that have resisted conquer by outsiders for generations.
  • Okurimono: An crescent island to the east of the prime continent, where shogun lords lead clans of samurai against one-another, where mystic spirits slip between worlds.
  • Tabaria: Far to the east on the continent of Gelun, Tabaria, more commonly known as the beast kingdoms is ruled by tribes of humanoid animals, such as gnolls, gator-folk, lion men, and more. Their great kingdoms raise stone temples seemingly to the sky, and rule over vast numbers of human slaves.
  • Constellation: The last remaining sky city of the high elves, Constellation still orbits the planet, and is the one place in the world where the ancient magitechnology was never lost. It has become particularly isolationist after the demon wars, largely ignoring the circumstances of their land-bound kin.
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