Pumpkin Enchantments

Handy Pumpkin's
While pumpkins normaly grow from the ground, with this enchantment this allows a pumpkin to grow into existance in an open hand of the witch. Giving her the much needed ammo while flying above ground, or if the ground is completly absent.

Spice Aura
Pre req: Pumpkin Spice
A little too much? This witch has unquestionably taken her love for this spice too far. There is no longer any point in the day where she does not resk of the stuff. Even while bathing, in which the entire house would fill with it's sweet aroma. The pumpkin witch radiates a pumpkin spice aura. Anyone with the scent abitily (including allies) within 5 feet of her must save versus her pumpkin spice ability, and also be staggered for 1 round if they fail their save. Anyone within the aura, whether or not they make their save, becomes immune to poisons that rely on gases or smell as long as they remain within the aura. This aura makes tracking the witch by scent impossible as it disables the scent of anyone who attempts to do so.

Everyone loves to smell of victory, less people like the smell of themselves on fire. The witch most certainly prefers the first of those options. This pumpkin enchantment adds 1d4 fire damage for every four levels of witch you to attacks made with pumpkins. However, it also causes strikes to have a chance to ignite the target forcing them to make a Reflex save vs taking the damage again until they smoother the flames.

Pumpkin Spice:
Everyone loves the festive smell of pumpkin, and no one loves it more than the witch…ok maybe a little too much. This advancement makes the broom, and usually witch, smell heavily of the dastardly spice. When struck by the broom someone is so overwhelmed by the smell that all scent and scent based abilities become useless until they make a Fortitude save. Also, while the witch is sharing the space with the broom, any inhaled poisons are simply overwhelmed and negated.

Blazing Comet:
Speed. What more is there to say? People like going fast. However, what if you could hit someone while you were going fast? Even better? The witch thought so too. This pumpkin enchantment grants the witch the feat Fly By Attack. Hitting the target with the very broom she is flying on! … Or a cheeky spell.

Smashing Pumpkins:
Why bother growing all these pumpkins if you don't use them or if you are simply too tired to use a spell? With this it allows to witch to not only hit someone with a broom, but that someone becomes a magnet for telekinetically throw pumpkins. The broom making it's own attack by flinging the heavy veggie into the person affictling. Acting as if the witch herself has thrown it. Every five levels the witch may throw an extra pumpkin to a max of 5 at level 20. This effect only may trigger once a turn.

Pumpkin Insight:
Let's be real, the plant has no real insights. It's really just something the witches normally make up to hide what it really is. As for what it really is? Who knows? No one has ever gotten a straight answer from one, and if they did it always differed. When wielding a pumpkin, broom, or casting a spell, the pumpkin witch adds her Intelligence modifier to attack and damage rolls instead of her Strength or Dexterity modifier.

Pumpkin Defense:
When unarmored and unencumbered, the pumpkin witch adds her Intelligence bonus (if any) to her AC and his CMD. In addition, a pumpkin witch gains a +1 bonus to AC and CMD at 4th level. This bonus increases by 1 for every four pumpkin witch levels thereafter, up to a maximum of +5 at 20th level.
These bonuses to AC apply even against touch attacks or when the pumpkin witch is flat-footed. She loses these bonuses when he is immobilized or helpless, when she wears any armor, when she carries a shield, or when she carries a medium or heavy load.

Pre req: Pumpkin Defense
While the witch can fly with the broom, she is not always so lucky to be capable of flight. Whenever the pumpkin witch, or an ally within 400 feet of her would take fall damage or fall into a hazardous surface or water, a pumpkin grows beneath them, protecting them from the fall damage and or the hazardous surface. If there is water or a hazardous surface where the witch or the ally would land, the pumpkin floats on the surface, and is immune to the effects of the surface, for one hour. If there is no such surface, the pumpkin dissappears after breaking the fall. These pumpkins don't count against the witchs max amount of pumpkins nor can be the target of any pumpkin based spells.

Black Cat Walk:
Peq level 5.
Most witches have a cat and this witch is no differnt! Though this cat is less of a famailar and more of a reminder of how the witch could always improve. The witch falls? The cat is there looking down at her with mocking eyes. Always being in the most approate spot and doing the most apporirate thing to mock the witch's failures. Taking this enchantment grants the witch a cat famailar and the base bonuses for it being her famailar. However it does not advance on the famailar chart. The cat however has nine lives, bringing itself back to life within moments of it's death in a safe nearby area. The cat is also capable of following simple commands…if it's presuaded.

Shoot the Moon:
Req Level 5.
Sometimes it's not all about pumpkins and boom swinging. Sometimes you just need to roll of your sleeves and put your magic into the direct fire. To the witch though just firing a little bolt of enegry just isent enough. Putting their own spin on things they have both made the bolt travel what they claim…to the distance of the moon. This bolt however is not partuially powerful, unless the witch emploes pumpkins to bounce the shot around. The bolt deals 1d6 force damage and requires a touch attack to hit. However the bolt can bounce between pumpkins equal to her level +3. The pumpkins it bounces between at the end are expended. If more then six pumpkins are used the target becomes flatfooted. This abitily is useable once a day +1 for every five levels of pumpkin witch

Broom Smash
Pre Req: Level 6
The witch puts a little something special behind her broom swing. Following through and smashing the ground causeing vines to erupt out of the ground while making quiet the impact site. The witch while making a single attack she heaves with all of her stength if she hits the target is knocked prone. Despite hitting or missing the ground is smashed causeing dirt, rock, or stone to form into a area of diffacult terrian around the target. As well as vines grow and creep out of the cracks of the ground entangling those who fail a Reflex save, ingoring the witch. These vines last a number of turns equal to your level of pumpkin witch.

Feline Strut:
Req: Level 8, Black Cat Walk
Well a cat famailar is one thing. However there is limit to the pumpkin witch's desire to mock their foes. How better to mock them while being a cute little cat? This enchanment allows the witch to turn into a tiny sized black cat. There is no limit to how long or how many times the witch can switch back and forth. However while a cat she can not throw pumpkins or swing her broom on her own. However she is freely able to speak and cast spells as well as ride the broom, just as well as if she was her normal size.

Pumpkin God Smash
Pre Req: Pumpkin Insight, Level 12
Atleast that's what the witches call it, simply because they tend to yell it when using it. This powerful blow focuses the spirit of her magic into to single strike. The more orange the field looks, the more spirit flows into it. The pumpkin witch makes a single unarmed attack within reach which does not provoke, if it hits, she casts a random evocation spell from her spell list from the highest spell level she has access to, targeting the foe hit by her unarmed strike. All foes within 30 feet must make a Will save or be frightened for rounds equal to her Intelligence mod. On a successful save, the foe is shaken for one round instead. For every ten active pumpkins, the evocation deals 1 extra damage and the radius of the fear increases by 30 feet. This abitily is useable once per day.

Req: Level 16
This truly makes the broom into a instrument of death. Once acitvated the broom begins to glow and brillant organe and gold as it resemebles more of a sword then a broom. This once per day abitly where you pick a target. Then against this target until the target dies, the witch gains addational dodge AC equal to their Int mod. As well as their attacks now bypass any sort of DR. This also adds damage to her attacks, being 1d6 per five levels + the pumpkin witch's level of pumpkin witch.

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