Lycanthrope Resources

The following are feats and other options for lycanthropes.


Lycanthropic Adaptation (General)
You've adapted to the curse of lycanthropy, no longer railing against the beast. You are the beast and the beast is you.
Prerequisite: Lycanthropy template
Benefit: You no longer risk transforming into animal or hybrid form against your will (but may still choose to do so in reaction to being damaged), nor do you lose control over your actions during a Bestial Rage frenzy. You may now transform as an immediate action if you are subject to a fear effect or morale penalty, gaining the benefits of the Bestial Rage frenzy when you do so.

Howl of Terror (General)
Your ferocious howl or roar begets terror to all who behold you.
Prerequisites: Lycanthropy template
Benefit: You gain the howl of terror ability as described below.

  • Howl of Terror (Ex): As a standard action, you may unleash a furious cry that forces creatures within 60 ft. that hear it to be shaken for 5 rounds unless they succeed on a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 your HD + your Charisma modifier). If they fail their save by more than 9, they instead become frightened for the duration. After using Howl of Terror, you cannot do so again for 5 rounds. This is a mind-affecting fear effect.

Howl of the Pack (General)
Your bestial fury inspires others into a similar frenzy.
Prerequisites: Lycanthropy template
Benefits: When you enter a bestial rage, you may grant the effects of your frenzy to willing allies within 60 ft. Affected lycanthropes may immediately assume animal or hybrid form when you do. Affected non-lycanthrope creatures are considered lycanthropes when determining who can be ignored when attacking in a frenzy. Unlike the lycanthrope, inspired allies may use manufactured weapons during their frenzy.
Special: If you possess the Lycanthropic Adaptation feat, those affected by your frenzy do not lose control of their actions during their frenzy (similarly, possessing the Lycanthropic Adaptation feat allows you control of your actions during a frenzy induced by this feat).

Pack Companion (General)
Your animal companion is tainted by your curse of lycanthropy.
Prerequisites: Lycanthropy template, animal companion or familiar
Benefits: Your levels in your animal aspect stack with class levels for the purposes of determining the statistics and abilities of animal companions and familiars. Additionally, your animal companions and familiars (hereafter referred to as companions) gain a variety of supernatural benefits while you are in animal or hybrid form.

  • While in animal or hybrid form, your companion shares your damage reduction against non-silver weapons.
  • While you are in animal or hybrid form, your companions are immune to fear effects and morale penalties while they remain within 60 ft. of you.
  • While your are in animal or hybrid form, if your companion is compatible with your Animal Affinity ability, they gain any special abilities granted by your animal aspect (such as ability score increases and size adjustment).


Moonhowler Druid Archetype
Because wildshaping and lycanthropic transformations are both polymorph effects, many druids who acquire it choose to master their curse rather than follow the traditional path of the druid. They adapt their druid magic to be usable while in animal form and can temporarily grant lycanthropy as a blessing rather than a curse.

Beast Shaping (Su)
You now gain the benefits of the Natural Spell feat while in animal or hybrid form (without needing the feat). Your levels in your animal aspect stack with your druid levels for the purposes of determining your effective druid level for the purposes of spellcasting and wild shape.

At 4th level, and every two levels thereafter, you can grant the boon of lycanthropy to a touched creature once per day as a standard action. This boon grants the creature the ability to assume your animal or hybrid form for up to 1 minute per effective druid level. While in animal or hybrid form, the creature gains the benefits of your animal aspect levels (if any). This is a polymorph effect. If you have multiple uses of this ability per day, you can use more than one use to touch up six creatures as part of the same standard action.

This ability modifies your existing Wild Shape class feature.

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