Wyrmspire is a grand city that stretches from earth to sky, built in the heart of a dead volcano. Once the lair of the "Great Red Tyrant" Thessilus, after the dragon's defeat by a group of adventurers has been fashioned into one of the greatest marvels of the current age. The great city is in fact akin to multiple smaller cities stacked vertically atop one-another. With direct access to land, sea, and air, the city has become a mecca of trade and tourism.

Wyrmspire is governed by a council that is composed primarily of arch-magi from the College of Magic and priests of the Council of Divines, under the premise that the knowledge and wisdom of these wizards and miracle workers would ensure that the city was both safe and prosperous. Unfortunately, such individuals are often far too preoccupied with their own interests and the often conflicting nature of ideals found in the council of divines often results in the government being sluggish to address and handle the needs of the people as they arise.

Languages: Common plus other languages dependent on districts.

Coinage: Drakes (copper), Wyrms (silver), Tyrants (gold), Heroes (platinum).

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