Sylvantha The Darklands

Sylvantha the Darklands

Roughly fifteen miles North of the borders of Wyrmspire, there's a region known collectively to outsiders as the “Darklands”. It's actual name is Sylvantha (Sil-vahn-tha). Formerly a small kingdom, Sylvantha's royal family died off during a plague and after a period of civil unrest, the kingdom degenerated – or evolved depending on who you asked – into a collection of close villages and towns that govern themselves as small city states or pay homage to local lords or rulers that provide protection and authority over their communities.

Sylvantha gained the nickname “Darklands” from outsiders due to it being plagued by a series of unfortunate events over he past several centuries, including but not limited to an actual plague that wiped out much of their population, and it historically being a place where strange monsters and cults lurk in its wild expanses.

Languages: Common, Sylvan, and Necril

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