Downtime Tokens

Due to the nature of persistent worlds, time cannot be synced between adventures and scenarios in any reasonable fashion, but time is an important part of the game for characters that wish to craft items (mundane or magical), or use other downtime mechanics such as retraining. To handle this, Wyrmspire treats time as a resource that can be earned through playing and participating in the community.

Time Tokens
As players participate in the world, they earn time tokens. Time tokens accrue for the player, not the character. This means if you have multiple characters in Wyrmspire, you can use the time gained through playing for any of your characters. For example, if you have a Ranger and a Wizard, you can use time you gained while playing your Ranger to allow your Wizard to scribe a scroll, or your time playing your wizard for your Ranger to craft a sword.

Each time token is worth one 8 hour day, and thus can be used for skills such as Craft and Profession, for Item Creation, or any other game mechanic that requires the character to invest significant downtime to accomplish. Time token gains and expenditures must be logged on the forums and a record kept on the forum thread of any players involved.

Time is Money Rule
Time tokens can be traded for wyrm coins on a 1:1 basis, but not vice versa. This allows players who are not interested in downtime activities a method of using their downtime tokens to acquire more wealth and experience for their characters, offsetting some of the disparity between those who can craft their own equipment and not.

Gaining Time Tokens
Time can be gained in any of the following manners.

  • Scenarios: Participating in community roleplay scenarios ran by a GM awards 1 time token per hour played.
  • Adventures: Participating in adventures ran by a GM awards 2 time tokens per hour played.

Time and Adventures
Players are still expected to spend their time tokens when crafting during an adventure, such as if the players decide to camp for the night, and they must have the ability to actually use their time. They could for example use some of their tokens to craft items while camping or traveling, but they couldn't craft or retrain in the middle of a fight or while exploring a dungeon.

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