Vetala Vampire
Vetala are disembodied spirits related to true vampires. These strange fleshwalkers have no physical bodies of their own and few can do little more than appear as ghostly apparitions without the aid of a vessel. Vetala drain the life essence of their victims and can possess soulless corpses to act as their bodies, allowing them to interact with the world directly.

Vetala have the following statistics.

Type: Vetala are undead with the augmented and incorporeal subtypes.

Defensive Abilities

  • Incorporeal: Vetala in their natural form are incorporeal. In this form they lose all natural armor but gain a deflection bonus to their AC equal to their Charisma modifier (minimum +1). They also cannot be harmed by nonmagical weapons and take 50% less damage from magic weapons and spells except those with the ghost touch property, abjuration effects, and force effects.
  • DR: Vetala have DR equal to 1/2 their HD that is bypassed by good-aligned weapons (minimum DR 2/good) in their spirit form.
  • Resistances: Vetala have resistance to Cold and Electricity equal to 5 + their HD.
  • Immortality: Vetala have fast healing 2. If the vetala's is destroyed improperly (see vetala weaknesses) the vetala's spirit reforms at next dusk in the place it was destroyed and the vetala returns to unlife. Any lost appendages (including its head) reform during this process.

Attacks: In their natural form, a vetala has an incorporeal touch attack that causes the sickened condition for 1 round. They lose the benefit of any natural attacks or weapons without the ghost touch weapon property.

Special Abilities
A vetala gains the following special abilities and attacks. Unless noted otherwise, the saving throw DC against a vetala's special attacks is 10 + ½ the vetala's HD + the vetala's Charisma modifier.

  • Drain Prana (Su): A vetala can drain the mental vitality of from a willing creature as a standard action, or a creature it is grappling. During a round that the vetala maintains a grapple, it can drain prana, dealing 2 points of Charisma damage. Additionally, the victim is affected as per the spell modify memory, as if the vetala had spent 5 minutes concentrating, though the vetala cannot change or implant memories using this ability. The vetala gains perfect knowledge of any memory it chooses to eliminate using this ability. Vetalas often use this ability to prevent victims from remembering they've been attacked. For every 2 points of Charisma damage a vetala inflicts, it gains a cumulative +1 circumstance bonus on Bluff and Disguise checks made to pass as the creature they fed on, to a maximum of +10. Memories stolen by a vetala can be restored via a limited wish spell or similar effect.
  • Possess Corpse (Su): A vetala has no physical body of its own and instead possesses corpses to use as bodies. A vetala can possess a corpse they come in contact with as a full-round action. When they possess a corpse, the corpse animates similar to a skeleton or zombie depending on the state of the corpse possessed. Once the vetala's soul enters the vessel, it gains a lifelike appearance (skeleton corpses appear as thin or gaunt, while zombie corpses appear mostly normal) and can pass as a living member of its kind. The new vessel appears as it did in life (treated as the same gender, size, and race as the creature the corpse belonged too) and grants the vetala a +10 circumstance bonus to appear to be a living version of the corpse it's possessing. While the vetala is possessing a corpse, spells and effects such as raise dead cannot return the original soul to its body (requiring the vetala to first be exorcised from the body it possesses). Once a vetala has possessed a corpse, it treats the new vessel as its own body and effects that would have prevented possession (such as a protection from evil spell or an antimagic field) do not force the vetala out of the corpse or hinder its animation in any way). The corpse body grants a number of benefits depending on whether it is a skeletal corpse or a fleshy corpse the vetala possesses. While possessing a corpse the vetala loses the incorporeal subtype as it now possesses a physical body. A vetala can willingly leave a corpse as it entered it. Initially the corpse retains the semblance of life that it did while possessed but decays rapidly, withering each hour as if a day had passed, until the corpse returns to the state it was in when the vetala possessed it.
    • Skeletal Corpse: The vetala's vessel was mostly skeletal. The vetala gains a +2 bonus to Dexterity while in the vessel and the vetala's damage reduction changes to 5/bludgeoning + 1/2 the vetala's HD, and the vetala gains immunity to cold. The vetala gains any natural weapons that a skeleton of the creature would possess (such as claw or bite attacks).
    • Zombie Corpse: The vetala's vessel was mostly intact. The vetala gains a +2 bonus to Strength and Constitution while in the vessel and the vetala's damage reduction changes to 5/slashing + 1/2 the vetala's HD. The vetala gains any natural weapons that a zombie of the creature would possess (such as slam or bite attacks).
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