Sphere Changes And Rulings

Conjuration Sphere

Magical Companions (Conjuration Sphere)

The Magical Creature (form) talent now makes the companion a low caster. The companion immediately gains 2 magic talents for becoming a caster and gain 0.5 magic talents per hit die (reaching 9 talents total at 14HD). The mage archetype now functions more like the Martial Companion archetype as described below.

Mage Companion Archetype
A mage companion may combine magic spheres and talents to create powerful magic effects. Mage companions reduce their hit die size to d6; their BAB to 0.5 per HD; gain the Magical Creature (form) talent; may choose Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma as their casting ability modifier; become mid-casters; and gain 0.75 talents per HD (reaching 13 talents total at 15HD). Mage companions do not gain the evasion, devotion, multiattack, and improved evasion special abilities. A mage companion may choose to give up the natural attacks granted by its base form to gain the Staff Wielding Companion (form) talent as a bonus talent.

Bound Companion Interactions

The Bound Companion boon (see magic traditions) doesn't get summoned/dismissed like a normal compaion. However, several form talents (such as Battle Creature) have aspects of them that trigger when the companion is summoned (such as Battle Creature or Shield Bearer). You may make any decisions related to these and similar effects in regard to your bound creature each time the caster could recover their spell points.

For example, if you have a bound companion with the Battle Creature form, whenever the caster recovers spell points (such as when resting) the creature may change their weapons gained from Battle Creature.

Death Sphere

Temporary Caster Level

Temporary caster level bonuses do not increase the HD limits when using the Reanimate ability from the Death sphere, but instead apply an equal circumstance bonus to attack rolls and skill checks of your reanimated undead for as long as they remain under your control (similar to the bonus provided by implements).

Skeletons and Zombies

Skeletons may now be created with more than 20 HD. Skeletons and zombies created with more HD than listed for their templates are +1 CR higher for every 4 additional HD above the value given on the chart (so a zombie with 21-25 HD would be CR 9, 26-30 would be CR 10, and so on).

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