Scorn Earth

Scorn Earth (Psionic)

You remove yourself from the pull of gravity and glide gracefully over any surface.

Benefit: As long as you maintain your psionic focus, you can hover across any surface at half your base movement speed. While hovering in this way you maintain perfect equilibrium and cannot be tripped. Additionally you are not affected by difficult terrain and do not set off traps with a pressure trigger. You can hover across liquid surfaces such as water or oil as if it were solid ground. This otherwise functions as normal movement, though you do not take a penalty on Acrobatics checks for having a slow speed while levitating (as the same force that holds you aloft helps propel you).

Effects that improve your base speed improve your hover speed at the same rate (so feats such as Fleet, a barbarian's Fast Movement class feature, or a haste spell or physical acceleration power, all improve the hover speed at the same rate that they improve your base land speed).

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