Nameless One (Magic)

A character with this trait eschews all of her former identities, going as far as to render her former name completely inaccessible by mortal means. You perform an 8-hour ritual to create a special mask. After this ritual, you forever lose all names and identities previously associated with you (including any identities that you gain from class abilities). You adopt a brief descriptive title in place of a new name.

At the ritual’s conclusion, you must don the mask created for the ritual, the appearance of which is evocative of your title. While you’re wearing this mask, any attempts to scry or otherwise locate any of your eschewed identities or connect you to those identities do not work, revealing nothing but darkness, as if you were an invalid target or did not exist. Successful Knowledge checks to identify you reveal your new title rather than any old identity, but can reveal your strengths and weaknesses normally.

As long as you wear the ritual mask and do not reveal your connection to any past identities, any attempt to scry on you independent of your eschewed identities requires a successful caster level check with a DC of 10 + your hit dice.

In addition, you are immune to effects that require the use of your name, such as the named bullet spell. In addition, you cannot attempt to impersonate a specific individual by any means, magical or non-magical. If you ever reveal or confirm your connection to your eschewed identities, you immediately lose the benefit of this trait and gain 1d4 permanent negative levels as your discarded identities return. You cannot regain the benefit of this trait or remove these negative levels until you atone (as per atonement, as if restoring a class feature).

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