Lycanthropy (CR +1)

Those born or cursed with the feral spirit of beasts, lycanthropes are humanoids with the power to unleash their rage and transform into amalgams of human and animal. When the beast answers the call of the full moon, only the bravest souls and purest silver can rend their cursed flesh.

All lycanthropes have the lycanthropy template. The lycanthropy template provides the basic aspects of lycanthropy, including resistance to non-silver weaponry, the ability to shapeshift, heightened animal awareness, and the threat of their inner beast overcoming their sensibilities.

The following adjustments are made to characters that become lycanthropes.

  • Type: They gain the shapechanger subtype.
  • Abilities: Lycanthropes gain a +2 racial bonus to Wisdom in all forms. They also gain additional ability modifiers when in animal and hybrid form based on their level in their animal aspect (see below).
  • Animal Affinity (Su): Lycanthropes have a natural connection to animals of the same kind as their animals aspect. The lycanthrope is treated as if under the effects of a speak with animals spell for the purposes of dealing with animals of the same general kind as their animal aspect (such as canines for werewolves). Additionally they receive a +8 circumstance bonus to Charisma-based skills and checks when dealing with said animals.
  • Animal Aspect (Ex): Each lycanthrope has a specific animal to which it is associated, determining the animal that it transforms into, such as bears, tigers, wolves, etc. The animal aspect determines certain traits in animal and hybrid form for the lycanthrope as well as the level progression and potential strength of the lycanthrope. A list of sample aspects are included at the end of the lycanthrope entry (see below).
  • Change Shape (Su): A lycanthrope can assume their natural, animal, or hybrid form as a standard action. The benefits and drawbacks of the forms are described below. This is a polymorph effect.
    • Natural Form: A lycanthrope in their natural form is indistinguishable from another member of their race aside from the qualities possessed by lycanthropes in all forms (such as their animal affinity and scent).
    • Animal Form: In animal form, the lycanthrope assumes the natural attacks and movement speeds of its animal aspect. In this form you gain a +10 circumstance bonus to appear to be a normal member of the animal's kind.
    • Hybrid Form: In hybrid form, the lycanthrope assumes the natural attacks and non-land based movement speeds of its animal aspect. A hybrid lycanthrope always has a pair of claw attacks, even if its animal aspect doesn't (these claw attacks deal damage based on the lycanthrope's size in hybrid form). It retains the land based movement speed of its natural form. In hybrid form, a lycanthrope can use equipment as a humanoid, though any worn items too small for their new form meld into their form (most magic items other than weapons and armors resize to fit their wearers).
  • Curse of Lycanthropy (Su): Lycanthropes can spread the curse of lycanthropy through their bite attack. Those bitten must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 the lycanthrope's HD + the lycanthrope's Constitution modifier) or contract the magical disease lycanthropy (see below).
  • Damage Reduction (Ex): Lycanthropes have DR/silver equal to 5 + ½ their total HD in animal and hybrid form.
  • Scent (Ex): Lycanthropes have the Scent special ability in all forms.
  • Bestial Rage (Ex): When a lycanthrope is damage in combat, their animal aspect instinctively attempts to defend itself, forcing the lycanthrope to make a DC 5 Wisdom check or transform into animal or hybrid form against their will (though which form is up to the lycanthrope) and become frenzied. A frenzied lycanthrope begins attacking creatures within 60 ft. of it in order of closest to furthest with its natural attacks whenever possible, and does not stop attacking until it or all perceived threats are unconscious or dead. While frenzied, the lycanthrope is immune to all fear effects and morale penalties and is immune to the Shaken, Frightened, and Panicked conditions. If the lycanthrope does not wish to attack a creature during a frenzy, it can attempt a DC 15 Wisdom check to cease attacking that creature for the duration of the frenzy, and the check can be re-attempted once per round. Creatures (including those being attacked by the lycanthrope) can attempt a DC 10 Diplomacy check, similar to an Aid Another action, to grant the lycanthrope a +2 circumstance bonus on its next check to avoid attacking. Once the lycanthrope no longer has any potential victims, the frenzy ends and the lycanthrope can act normally. A frenzied lycanthrope automatically succeeds on its Wisdom check to avoid attacking other lycanthropes.

Curse of Lycanthropy
The curse of lycanthropy is a magical disease that slowly transforms the subject into a lycanthrope.
Type Curse, injury; Save Fortitude negates (see lycanthrope); Will DC 15 avoids effects (see text)
Onset The next full moon; Frequency Every night of a full moon or whenever injured
Effect Transforms the cursed into a lycanthrope, unless the target succeeds at a DC 15 Will save. The creature gains the lycanthropy template and animal aspect of possessed by the lycanthrope that cursed it.
Cure Before the afflicted gains the lycanthropy template, ingesting belladonna and receiving a remove curse spell can reverse the effects. Once the lycanthropy template has been applied, there is no known cure.

Lunar Frenzy
Lycanthropy is bound to the phases of the moon or moons of the world they live on. When a full moon is present in the sky, a lycanthrope is susceptible to transforming against its will. Each night of a full moon, they must make a DC 15 Will save or transform as if they had been damaged in combat.

Animal Aspects

Each lycanthrope has an animal aspect. An animal aspect determines the base statistics of the lycanthrope in its animal form, such as natural attacks and movement speeds. Each animal aspect also has a level progression, where the lycanthrope advances in animal racial HD, similar to taking a class level, and gains more of their animal aspect's power.

See Animal Aspects for a list of animal aspects and their progressions.

Lycanthrope Resources

There are a number of character options specifically for those with lycanthropy. You can find them on the Lycanthrope Resources page.

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