Creator Gods

Synonyms: The Seven, Old Gods, True Gods

Little information remains about the creator gods, and that which does often alludes to them in metaphor or riddles. Much of the world has forgotten that they even existed. Though most of humanity has forgotten them, they have never forgotten humanity. Having created mortals with the same divine spark that they themselves possessed, their ultimate goal has always been the apotheosis of their mortal creations, and to this end they have worked in secret over many lifetimes to slowly guide their creations towards ascension to godhood through means that are often complex and mysterious to mortals who are usually unaware of the true realities behind what they perceive.

Knowledge (Religion): Most mortals have completely forgotten about the creator gods, and many scholars believe them to have been a myth. As a result, Knowledge DCs concerning answering questions about the creator gods are increased by +5. As most commoners have a +0, and most educated scholars have a +5, the knowledge of the creator gods is all but lost to the common man and only the smallest of details is known to most scholars. Few people would recognize their obscure symbols which have become little more than primeval pictures and concepts in the minds of the modern man.

Domains: The creator gods are ancient beings of immense complexity. Most have dominion over many different aspects of reality. As a result, the creator gods tend to have more domains than most. Any sub-domains they also possess are listened in parenthesis.

Akai'a (Ah-kai-ah) the Twilight Queen

Perceived Alignment Neutral Good
Domains Darkness (Moon, Night), Death (Undead), Good (Friendship, Redemption), Healing (Medicine, Restoration, Resurrection), Knowledge (Education, Memory), Luck (Fate, Imagination), Magic (Alchemy, Arcane, Divine, Rites), Repose (Ancestors, Souls), and Void (Stars)


The undead goddess Akai'a formed the black void of the night, dotted it with the constellations and seven moons of Alvena, and arranged them into a great clockwork device to track the passage of time and fates. The mother of astrology, astronomy, and magic. Akai'a is the goddess that taught humanity the arts of magic and continues to do so secretly whenever magic knowledge would be lost to circumstance or the machinations of mortals.

Akai'a is the most active of the creator gods in the affairs of mortals, often appearing to them through dream spells to speak with them, or interacting with them through proxies such as simulacrum or disguised servants. She has been known to instruct people in magic when no others were around to teach them, or to lead would be students to mentors or to secret knowledge.

Her symbol is a pentagram with seven moons rising in the center.

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