Core Magic

The following mechanics have been added, altered, or revised.

Magical Trickery and Magical Detection

Spells and effects that conceal the nature of a creature or object are no longer subject to effects such as detect magic, and likewise conceal the creature or object from effects that would discern its true nature, be they divination magics or otherwise. For example, a beast shape spell that makes its target appear as a wolf would not be detected by detect magic and has a chance to fool things such as detect animals and plants to make the creature appear to be a wolf. Similarly, a lich using disguise self to appear to be a living human would have a chance to foil spells such as death watch or detect undead. Spells that explicitly reveal the nature of a creature through magic (such as true seeing) still penetrate these deceptions.

To determine if a spell or effect can penetrate the magical concealment, the caster of the discerning spell makes a caster level check (or magic skill bonus check for spheres) against a DC of 11 + the caster level of the effect concealing the creature or object (or the magic skill defense of the effect for spheres). Success indicates that the discerning spell reveals true information, while failure indicates it reveals false information as appropriate to the magical disguise. For supernatural abilities without a caster level, assume their caster level is equal to the hit dice of the creature the ability belongs to.

The caster level check is made in secret, but casters may choose to take-10 on it (and NPCs should be generally take-10 on this check, similar to how NPCs are assumed to take-10 on Perception checks to see their Disguise checks).

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