Poisons and diseases have each been revised to address certain issues. Poisons are notably deadlier while still slow acting and diseases to address the episodic nature of persistent world gameplay (where creatures and hazards that inflict disease are of no concern, as the diseases never stick around long enough to have an effect, whereas in a regular campaign they provide attrition-based dangers over multiple days of adventuring).

Disease: Due to the episodic nature of a persistent world, diseases are now all treated as having an immediate onset time. This is because in a traditional campaign diseases act as an attrition-based hazard, inflicting their harm long after whatever inflicted them is no longer an issue or force characters to adjust their course to seek a healer. However, in an episodic campaign style of a persistent world, diseases don't do anything except serve as a remove disease tax and never affect heroes during their adventures. This change is a compromise to make diseases have some relevancy in this environment.

Poison: Poison now has an initial and secondary saving throw. When the initial saving throw is failed, the victim receives no further saving throws until half the duration of the poison has expired. Then they are entitled to a second saving throw, which if failed allows the poison to continue through its full duration. For example, Black Adder Poison inflicts 1d2 Con damage once per round for 6 rounds. Upon initially failing the save the character suffers 1d2 Con damage each round for 3 rounds, then makes a second save against taking 1d2 Con damage for an additional 3 rounds.


Dazzled: Dazzled creatures take a -2 penalty to attack rolls, Perception checks, and all creatures have concealment (20%) against them.

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