Animated Objects

Animated Object Statblocks
Below is a table that shows the base Constitution, HD, HP, and saving throws (including ability score adjustments) for constructs based on size. These statistics can change normally for adding additional hit dice through Craft Construct, as always.

This allows you to at a glance build enemies appropriate for your PCs. Low-CR constructs are notably less insane in terms of HP. A good thing since animated objects tend to have 5-10 points of hardness even for the most basic of them, making them exceptionally hard to deal with at low levels.

Animated Objects By Size and HD
Size Con Score HD Hp Fort Ref Will CR
Tiny 10 1d10+0 5 hp +0 +2 -5 1/2
Small 12 2d10+2 15 hp +2 +2 -4 2
Medium 15 3d10+6 22 hp +4 +2 -3 3
Large 17 4d10+12 34 hp +6 +2 -2 5
Huge 20 7d10+35 73 hp +10 +3 +0 7
Gargantuan 23 10d10+60 115 hp +14 +6 +3 9
Colossal 26 13d10+104 175 hp +18 +8 +5 11

New Construction Point Options

Living Wall (CP 1): The construct is not particularly effective at fighting but is very effective at getting in the way of attacks, such as an animated wall or shield. The living wall provides cover (as opposed to soft cover). A living wall may use a standard action (often readied) to provide an adjacent ally total cover as if the ally had used a tower shield to provide themselves in a direction of their choosing, but the ally can only be granted the cover from one living wall or tower shield at a time (so surrounding oneself with living wall constructs is not an impervious defense). Living walls are inept at attack and inflict slam damage as though they were two size categories smaller than they actually are.

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