Character Creation



  • Ability Scores: Ability scores are generated using 15 Point Buy.
  • Starting Levels: Characters begin play at 1st level.
  • Hit Points: All character's begin at 1st level with a certain number of hit points based on their HD. At every level after 1st (2nd and beyond), they gain additional hit points based on the HD of the class they advance in. If a class level is retrained, hit points are adjusted appropriately.
    • D6: 9 + Constitution modifier / 3.5 + Con modifier each additional level
    • D8: 12 + Constitution modifier / 4.5 + Con modifier each additional level
    • D10: 15 + Constitution modifier / 5.5 + Con modifier each additional level
    • D12: 18 + Constitution modifier / 6.5 + Con modifier each additional level
  • Starting Wealth: All characters begin play with 390 gp and 10 gp worth of clothing.
  • Experience Progression: Keep track of your XP and GP gain and level up according to the slow experience progression.
  • Character Age: Should meet at least the minimum age for your class based on race.
  • Templates: Players wishing to begin play with a template should read Using Templates, and may select templates from the Additional Content page. Only templates listed on the additional rules pages are allowed and most do not function as the core Pathfinder templates or any equivalents found on the Pathfinder Reference Document or D20PFSRD websites. If you choose to begin play with a template and do not use the version from the Additional Content page, your character will be rejected.
  • Traits: Traits are only available to those who take the Additional Traits feat.


  • Each accepted character is entitled their own page (and any necessary subpages) on the Characters page, which can be used to log your adventures and biography as you desire.
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