Character Aging

Young Characters

Young PCs receive the following adjustments:

  • -2 Strength
  • The character's size is reduced by 1 category.
  • If the character's base speed was 30 feet or faster, it is reduced by 10 feet. If their base speed was 25 feet or less, it is reduced by 5 feet.

This option is intended to represent exceptional, very young children. Prodigies, the results of magical experimentation, or otherwise precocious youths, but not teenagers or people just slightly under the line for adulthood- run those characters as adults, as they're not small enough for their size to make a difference. If we were attempting to be realistic, child characters would likely be crippled beneath playability- these are children along the lines of Harry Potter, Peter Pan, or Ender Wiggin. This is only an option for medium and small creatures at this time. Other adjustments would be necessary for creatures of other sizes, if they were even desirable.

Aging Penalties

Instead of the usual rules for aging, refer to the following chart:

Age Benefit Penalty
Adult None None
Middle Aged Routine Aches and Pains
Old Routine, Wise Aches and Pains, Faltering Senses
Venerable Routine, Life Well Lived Fragile, Faltering Senses

Routine: One particular skill has been particularly important to your life, and it's been finely honed by half a lifetime of use. You gain a +2 bonus to checks made with one skill of your choice.
Wise: You've collected a large amount of knowledge. You gain a +1 bonus on checks made with all Knowledge skills, Linguistics, and Spellcraft.
Life Well Lived: The eldest in many societies are revered as storytellers and lorekeepers for good reason. You gain a +2 bonus on checks made with all Knowledge skills, Linguistics, and Spellcraft.
Aches and Pains: Your body isn't what it used to be. You suffer a -3 penalty on all Fortitude saves and Constitution checks made to avoid fatigue, exhaustion, or sleep.
Faltering Senses: As you age, your senses have started to dull. You suffer a -3 penalty on Perception checks.
Fragile: Your body is withered and tired, hanging on by a thread. You suffer a -3 penalty on all Fortitude saves and Constitution checks.

A character gains the appropriate benefits and penalties when they reach each age category, non-cumulatively. For instance, an Old character has Routine, Wise, Aches and Pains, and Faltering Senses, while a Venerable character has Routine, Life Well Lived, Fragile, and Faltering Senses.

In addition, characters no longer suddenly drop dead at a specific age. Instead, a venerable character must make a Fortitude saving throw at the end of each year, with a DC equal to 10 + 1/2 the number of years they've aged past Venerable. When a creature has failed a number of these saving throws equal to their Constitution modifier they begin to fall ill, dying of old age within the year. Particularly long-lived creatures (any whose die roll for determining maximum age would have averaged 50 or greater) such as elves save against a DC equal to 10 + 1/20 the number of years they've aged past Venerable, and must only make such saving throws every 10 years.

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