Character Advancement

Participation Experience / RP Tokens
Because much of the campaign and plot development occurs through player-to-player interaction, character advancement is heavily linked to actively role-playing in the campaign. Each hour that the player participates in role-play earns the player a Role-play (RP) token. RP Token acquisition is not bound to a particular character, only the player's activity. As such, the player earns RP tokens regardless of how many characters they are playing and even for running NPCs (see GM Tokens below).

RP tokens can be spent on any character the player owns to grant them 150 XP and 100 GP. They do not need to be spent on characters that were role-played to earn the token, so players should not feel limited to a particular PC. They may be divided between a player's characters as he or she sees fit.

GM Tokens
GMs earn RP tokens at the usual rate that players earn them, so a GM that RPs NPCs and the like around towns earns hourly RP tokens as normal.
GMs also earns an additional 2 GM token for each encounter that they run during an adventure (large encounters can be counted as multiple encounters, counting the number of CR equivalent encounters that the larger encounter would divide into).
GM tokens can be exchanged for XP and wealth relative to the level of the character it was spent on as shown on the chart below.

Note: If for some reason a GM's character is involved in an adventure the GM is running, the GM's character is treated as an NPC in the adventure, meaning that they only gain RP and GM tokens as normal and their character does not gain XP and gold as part of the adventure (if the GM wishes for the character to get experience and loot they must spend their GM tokens on them).

GM Tokens
Character Level XP Gained Gold Gained
1 100 XP 50 GP
2 150 XP 90 GP
3 200 XP 140 GP
4 300 XP 190 GP
5 400 XP 250 GP
6 600 XP 340 GP
7 800 XP 440 GP
8 1200 XP 575 GP
9 1600 XP 750 GP
10 2400 XP 975 GP
11 3200 XP 1250 GP
12 4800 XP 1650 GP
13 6400 XP 2150 GP
14 9600 XP 2800 GP
15 12,800 XP 3650 GP
16 19,200 XP 4750 GP
17 25,600 XP 6175 GP
18 38,400 XP 8025 GP
19 51,200 XP 10,450 GP
20 76,800 XP 13,600 GP
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